Confirmed Speakers

Ademar Pedro Scheffler
Amir Somoggi
André Mazzuco
Antonio Fernández Marchán (Espanha)
Beto Carvalho
Caio Ribeiro
Cícero Souza
Daniel Cravo
Eduardo Conde Tega
Fabrício Neves Corrêa
Fernando Ferreira
Gianni Vio (Itália)
Gilberto Melo
Gustavo Grossi (Argentina)
Gustavo Hofman
Horacio Pintos (Uruguai)
Irineu Loturco
Israel Teoldo
José Cassidori Júnior
Leonardo Bertozzi
Mauricio Dulac
Márcio Chagas da Silva
Márcio Faria Corrêa
Roberto Dinamite
Vinícuis Eutrópio

Course Pre-Congress
Performance analysis in football: The context of a multidisciplinary team – theory and practice

The performance analysis is one of the interactive tools that is growing in the world and has become an essential item for a team of high level. Increasing the demand for professionals in football that are trained to interpret and provide qualitative and quantitative information in order to assist in search for the full performance of a team. Based on these ideas, the Congresso Internacional de Futebol will provide an experience in theory and practice with three of the most qualified professionals in this area. Participate and receive a specific certificate for this activity. Limited vacancies!

Performance analyst of Vitoria EC (BA), passage on Cruzeiro; Specialist in football for the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (MG); Phd in Science of the Fisica y del sport by Universidad de León (Spain).
Gustavo Nicoline
Performance Analyst of Palmeiras (SP), member of the CIP - Palmeiras Intelligence Center; passage on Cruzeiro (MG), Vasco (RJ) and Figueirense (SC); Graduated in Business Administration and MBA in Strategic Business Management from Centro Universitário Newton Paiva (MG).
Uendell Macedo Silva
Performance Analyst of Corinthians (SP), passage on Vitória (BA); Specialist in Sports Training by Universidade Gama Filho; Specialist in Football by the Federal University of Viçosa (MG); Specialist in Football and Futsal by Estácio de Sá University (RJ).