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Frédéric Fausser (França)
Gerardo Pelusso (Uruguai)
Stefano Castagna (Itália)
Aroldo Strack (Dinamarca)
Felipe Garcia Celia (PAR)
Bruno Baquete (PR)
Daniel Cravo Souza (RS)
Fernando Ferreira (SP)
João Paulo Medina (SP)

Scientific Paper

Looking for a continuous improvement off the pitch, we opened our door for academics who exhibited their work:

  • The football in physical education at school and the ethnic/racial laws.
  • Sports injuries in football referees in the south region and southeastern of Brazil.
  • Motivational factors of athletes from 10 to 15 years from the ACBF to practice futsal.
  • The amount of goals in reduced games influences the intensity and the performance of repeated sprints.
  • “Gauchão de várzea”: football as a tool for public management of the sport and leisure activities.
  • Youth training for the formation of future stars.
  • A study of the goals of 2014 world cup compared to 2006 and 2010.
  • Profile of cognitive abilities of footballers
  • The impossibility of reducing the percentage of arena rights received professional players and the differences subtracted.
  • Football instruction proposal.
  • Teaching-learning of futsal: a digital approach.
  • Comparison of technical actions and tactics among football players of the categories Under13, Under15 and Under17.
  • Analysis of body composition of professional football players in the first division of Brazil.
  • Training and professional development of football coaches: analysis of t national publications.
  • The use of urine as organic matrix in sportomics evaluating in football players during a real event.
  • Sportomics and the increase of income in football approved 17 competitive intelligences in the management of football clubs.
  • Football: a tool on the social-affective development.
  • Time analysis of incidence of goals in FIFA World Cup 2014.